LSCache for WordPress v4.4 Now Available

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LSCache for WordPress v4.4

In this release: UCSS improvements, bug fixes, and more!

* NEW: [Crawler] Added the ability to enable or disable specific crawlers. :)star: Contributed by Astrid Wang #PR390)
* NEW: [UCSS] Added `UCSS Inline` option. (Ankit).
* NEW: [UCSS] Added `UCSS URI Excludes` option. (RC Verma).
* BUG:[Page Optimize] Fixed an issue where combined CSS/JS files would potentially return 404 errors after a Purge All. (Special thanks to Abe & Ruikai)
* [Page Optimize] Minimized the potential for 404 errors by query string when Purging All.
* [Page Optimize] Dropped redundant query strings for minified CSS/JS files.
* [Conf] Ugrade configuration safely to avoid the issue of new functions not being found in old codebase.
* [Conf] Configuration upgrade process now adds a notification to admin pages and disables configuration save until upgrade is complete. (Lisa)
* [JS] Fixed an issue where JS Defer caused a `litespeed_var_1_ is not defined` error when enabled w/ ESI options. (Tobolo)
* BUG:[JS] Fixed an issue where `JS Delay` doesn't work for combined JS when `JS Combine` is enabled. (Special thanks to Joshua & Ankit)
* [JS] `JS Delay` now will continue loading JS, even if there is an error in the current JS loading process.
* BUG:[CCSS] If CCSS fails to generate, Load CSS Asynchronously will now be disabled. (Stars #54074166)
* BUG:[UCSS] If UCSS generation fails the generated error will no longer be served inside the file. (Ryan D)
* [Log] Updated the Debug log to use less code for prefix.
* [3rd] Always respect `DONOTCACHEPAGE` constant definition to allow DIVI dynamic CSS calculation process.

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