LSCache Now Available as Optional Add-On

Discussion in 'News' started by Michael, Apr 9, 2014.

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    Some of you may have noticed that, when you buy a new license, LiteSpeed Cache is now available (in versions 4.2.8 and up) as an add-on for an extra $6. This is the same LSCache that we have been including with 2-CPU licenses (and up) for years, but now it's available for VPS, Ultra VPS, 1-CPU licenses.

    As VPSs have gotten more powerful and the web has gotten more dependent on web applications, we recognize the need for an effective, easy to use caching solution for all licenses. LSCache is easy to configure and is built into the web server to allow for faster service and streamlined compatibility. No more of the inefficient extra layers and configurations you have with other caching solutions.

    We hope that those of you who have not had the chance to try out LSCache in the past will give it a test run and see how fast your web applications really can perform.

    Welcome to an even faster LiteSpeed.
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