LSCache v4.5 for WordPress Now Available

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LSCache for WordPress v4.5

In this release: the return of Localization, bug fixes, and more!

- NEW: [Page Optimize] Localization is back.
- [Guest] Fixed organic traffic issue as different browsers may fail to set `document.referrer`.
- [Image Optimize] Improved wp_postmeta table compatibility when gathering images. (Thanks to Thomas Stroemme)
- BUG: [Page Optimize] Fixed a potential CSS/JS 404 issue for existing records that have been marked as expired.
- [ESI] `LITESPEED_ESI_OFF` now affects `litespeed_esi_url` API filter too.
- [Guest] Added a check to determine if Guest Mode is blocked by a third-party, and display warning if it is (Ruikai)
- [Guest] To support WP sites with multiple domains, Guest Mode detection URL no longer uses domain.
- [Report] Network now shows Toolbox page when having a large number of subsites.
- [DB Optimize] Reduced default subsites count from 10 to 3 under Network Admin -> DB Optimize page to avoid timeout.
- [Cloud] Fixed potential `lack_of_token` error when requesting domain key for cases where local summary value was not historically included in the array.
- [Cloud] Fixed a PHP fatal error that occurred when encountering a frequency issue under CLI. (Dean Taylor #Issue410)
- [Avatar] Force gravatar cache refresh in browsers and on CDN (rafaucau #PR430)
- [API] New filter `litespeed_purge_ucss` to purge a single page UCSS. (#376681)
- [API] New filter `litespeed_ucss_per_pagetype` for UCSS per page type generation. (Ankit)
- [GUI] Replaced some GUI text and settings with more inclusive language (kebbet #PR437 #PR435)
- [3rd] Excluded `WP Statistics` from inline JS optimize. (Ryan D)
- [3rd] Added API filter `litespeed_3rd_aelia_cookies` for Aelia CurrencySwitcher.
- [Media] Updated image lazyload library to 17.5.0.

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