LSCache v5.0 for WordPress Now Available

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LSCache for WordPress v5.0

In this release: New Viewport Images service, Automatic CDN Setup, bug fixes, and more!

-[NEW] VPI: Added Viewport Images feature to LiteSpeed Options metabox on Post Edit page.
-[NEW] CDN: Added Auto CDN Setup feature for simple CDN setup. (Kevin)
-[NEW] Page Optimize: Automatically cache remote CSS/JS files when fetching for optimization (Lauren)
-[NEW] Cache: Added LiteSpeed Options for page-level cache control on Post Edit page. (denisgomesfranco)
-[NEW] Cloud: Auto Alias feature.
-[NEW] Debug: Added Debug String Excludes option. (Hanna)
-[NEW] UCSS: Added Purge this page - UCSS option to Admin Bar dropdown menu. (Ankit)
-[NEW] Guest: Added litespeed_guest_off=1 URL query string parameter to bypass Guest Mode. (cbdfactum)
-[BUG] Page Optimize: Fixed an issue where CSS anchors could be wrongly converted to a full path when minifying. (Tynan)
-Page Optimize: Bypass CCSS/UCSS generation when a self-crawled CSS resource returns a 404 code. (Abe)
-Object: Allow LSCWP_OBJECT_CACHE predefined to turn off Object Cache. (knutsp)
-Data: Fixed an issue where empty version tags in the database repeatedly toggled the upgrade banner and reset settings to default.
-Purge: Fixed an issue where the site’s index page could be purged upon deletion of an unviewable post. (Kevin)
-Toolbox: Added View site before optimization button under Debug tab. (Ryan D)
-Admin: Switch to using the DONOTCACHEPAGE constant to indicated WP-Admin pages are not cacheable.
-Admin: Moved no-cache header to very beginning to avoid caching unexpected exits.
-Cloud: Added message queue service for VPI. (Abe)
-Cloud: Bypassed 503 error nodes from node redetection process. (Abe)
-Cloud: Fixed a failure to detect out_of_quota. (Lauren)
-Cloud: Added ability to display dismissable banners generated by
-Crawler: Added realtime load detection before crawl.
-Crawler: Adjusted crawler behavior for Divi pages to allow for Divi’s CCSS generation process. (miketemby)
-API: PHP constant LITESPEED_CRAWLER_DISABLE_BLOCKLIST and filter litespeed_crawler_disable_blocklist to disable blocklist. (Tobolo)
-CDN: Automatically add a trailing slash to CDN URL and Original URLs if user didn’t provide one. (Lucas)
-Cache: When a URL redirects to a URL with a query string, consider these as different for caching purposes. (Shivam)
-Media: Added ability to disable lazyload from the LiteSpeed Options metabox on Post Edit page.
-Media: Added new default values to WebP Attribute to Replace setting for WPBakery and Slider Revolution. (JibsouX)
-Image: Optimize Dropped redundant Page Speed user agent when serving WebP images. (serpentdriver)
-GUI: Fixed an issue where manually dismissable admin messages were instead being treated as one-time messages. (Tynan Beatty)
-GUI: Fixed an issue where subsequent admin alerts would overwrite existing alerts in the queue. (Kevin/Tynan)
-GUI: Updated time offset in log. (Ruikai #PR444 #PR445)
-GUI: Added litespeed_media_ignore_remote_missing_sizes API description.
-CCSS: Fixed an issue where CCSS was unexpectedly bypassed if CSS Combine was OFF and UCSS Inline was ON. (Ruikai)
-Debug: Added resposne headers to debug log. (Kevin)

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