LSCWP compatible with Speed Kit on Plesk?

I've been running Speed Kit (by Baqend) on my Plesk server and it's crazy fast. I went from an 86% to 98% on GTMEtrix! But I want to utilize LiteSpeed as well to get away from Apache/Nginx. I installed the trial of LiteSpeed server and LSCWP plugin on my main site. The speed test results are fast-ish but it slowed down a bit. Are they compatible? Nothing broke, the site is working fine and even if I don't us the LSCWP plugin the benefits of LiteSpeed server are worth it.
The site slowed down when I added LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress plugin.

So I was wondering if there are any settings to check in LSCWP. My thought was that it might be even a little bit faster.


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If a page isn't optimized and not cached it causes load to optimize it, so optimize your page and run the cache warmup crawler. If done check the difference. It is reommended to use any presets, but don't start with extreme preset.