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Discussion in 'LiteSpeed Cache General' started by bloom360, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. bloom360

    bloom360 Active Member

    I am looking into LSMCD but am wondering if it has some security control, such as REDIS that allows for a password?
    Otherwise, I assume anyone would have open access to everything, or what are the security controls?
  2. Pong

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  3. bloom360

    bloom360 Active Member

    Yes something like that.
    Is it possible to only listen to requests from a specified IP such as localhost?
    This is also possible on Redis, for reference.
    Otherwise, what security options are there? How do your other clients prevent the rest of the world from connecting without any opposition and just retrieve all data? There surely must be a way to do this?
    I am really interested in using it so hopefully there is a way to make it secure. I can't imagine everyone has their server memory cache exposed gladly?

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