lsphp5 using more than 50% CPU

Discussion in 'General' started by kan3, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. kan3

    kan3 Active Member


    lsphp5 is using 30 - 70 percent CPU.

    Details of server environment:
    CentOS 5, 32bit
    Xeon Quad Core, 6GB RAM, 2 CPU license.
    Litespeed 4.0.18
    Hosting Panel: DirectAdmin
    I am using xcache

    Thank you.

    Edit: Strange percentage symbol doesn't parse correctly, e.g

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  2. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    use command
    strace -tt -T -p [pid_of_high_cpu_lsphp5_process]

    to check what it is doing. LiteSpeed uses persistent PHP processes to process PHP scripts, it is normal for a busy server.
  3. kan3

    kan3 Active Member

    getting this error,

    -bash: strace: command not found
  4. webizen

    webizen Well-Known Member

    You need to install strace. If you use yum (on CentOS), do 'yum install strace'.

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