LSWS 2.2.2 + Ruby LSAPI 1.8

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LiteSpeed Web Server 2.2.2 and Ruby LSAPI 1.8 have been released. These are maintenance upgrades.

Download LSWS:
Download RubyLSAPI:

Changelog for LiteSpeed Web Server 2.2.2:

* Fixed: Problem with killing external application processes started in suEXEC mode.
* Fixed: Customized error document handler was not followed for HEAD request.
* Updated: Added traffic log file rotation.
* Updated: Upgraded OpenSSL package to 0.9.7k.

Changelog for Ruby LSAPI 1.8:

* New: Added environment variable "LSAPI_PGRP_MAX_IDLE" to tell idle process group to terminate. This environment variable will be set by LSWS 2.2.2 automatically based on "Max idle time".
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