LSWS 4.2.7 Released

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Howdy all,

We just released version 4.2.7 last Friday. The new release adds a number of small improvements:

  • Allow root owned file in PHP suEXEC mode.
  • Improved mod_security compatibility.
  • Enabled custom php.ini via PP_CUSTOM_PHP_INI environment variable (used in Plesk PHP-FPM Apache configuration).
  • Added support for VH_USER variable in external application environment variable configuration.
  • Apache binary wrapper will remove itself if LSWS is uninstalled.
  • Improved SSI engine.
  • Minor Apache .htaccess compatibility fixes.

We are getting very close to the initial RC release for LSWS 5.0. LSWS 5.0 will contain major advancements like SPDY and WebSocket support. The excitement is building around here. I hope you're looking forward to it.

As always, the release will only be available through direct download and lsup for a few days while we address any initial bugs. It will then be moved to autoupdate (available through the WebAdmin console and control panels) after that initial period.


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