LSWS crashes and restart many times everyday

Discussion in 'General' started by fastproxy, Aug 27, 2008.

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    Recently my litespeed webserver crash few time and restart every hours. Here is the log i got from email:
    This same problem also occur when i was in 3.3.15 and 3.3.16
    At [27/Aug/2008:13:01:15 -0500], web server with pid=25912 received unexpected signal=11, a core file is created. A new instance of web server will be started automatically!
    Please forward the following debug information to
    Server: LiteSpeed/3.3.17 Enterprise
    OS: Linux
    Release: 2.6.18-92.el5
    Version: #1 SMP Tue Jun 10 18:49:47 EDT 2008
    Machine: i686
    If the call stack information does not show up here, please compress and forward the core file located in /tmp/lshttpd/.
    Using host libthread_db library "/lib/".
    Core was generated by `lshttpd'.
    Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
    #0  0x08090e81 in URIInfo::isStaticCacheDirty ()
    #0  0x08090e81 in URIInfo::isStaticCacheDirty ()
    #1  0x08072dd8 in URICache::clean ()
    #2  0x08070105 in HttpVHostMapImpl::callTimer30Secs ()
    #3  0x080a6204 in GHash::for_each ()
    #4  0x0806fdb1 in HttpVHostMap::onTimer30Secs ()
    #5  0x0805f00c in HttpServerImpl::onTimer30Secs ()
    #6  0x0805efdf in HttpServerImpl::onTimer10Secs ()
    #7  0x0805f0ed in HttpServerImpl::onTimer ()
    #8  0x0807d6df in EventDispatcher::run ()
    #9  0x0805dfd3 in HttpServerImpl::start ()
    #10 0x0804e7b6 in LshttpdMain::main ()
    #11 0x0804bd81 in main ()
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    It is a know problem, we are working on it.

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