LSWS + LS Web ADC + Google Cloud - How to do it?

Hi guys,
I need to setup a scalable cluster with VM instances in GCP and LS Web ADC for load balancer. So far everything g is perfect, but I need all this to use Google Cloud CDN which works only with their own Load balancer.
Is there someone that can help me with ideas how can this happen and do you have experience with such configurations?


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I am not quite sure why you are saying "Google Cloud CDN which works only with their own Load Balancer". As a general CDN service, it should point to any backend servers or backend load balancers you configurated.
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OK, maybe I do not know how to setup it. But when I start configuring the CDN it asks me for load balancer and I cannot find any i formation how to setup another load balancer to work with it except the Google cloud load balancer