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Discussion in 'General' started by mr_cygi, Dec 29, 2012.

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    We have LSWS + Varnish on cpanel. LSWS is listen on port 8080 and Varnish is listen on port 80. A lot of websites have problem with adding port 8080 to url when reload website oraz click dynamic generated links like in phpBB or something like this. I think that good idea is listening LSWS only on localhost on port 80, but how we can do it?

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    Basically, LSWS reads httpd.conf generated by cPanel. So you can NOT dictate LSWS only listens on localhost unless you have all the vhosts bound to localhost. For shared hosting (multiple vhosts), it is impossible.

    If you are looking for website speedup, keep in mind that LSWS Enterprise (2CPU & above) comes with cache function which covers dynamic page (like php) caching. Static page caching is available for all LSWS versions.

    You can also try opcode cache (APC, xCache, etc) with LSWS suEXEC daemon mode to enable opcode cache in the shared hosting environment. See more details below:
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    Thx for reply. Hmm so is not possible to use LSWS with VARNISH? Varnish can use RAM MEM for caching - this is very important to save disk i/o. What about LSWS caching?
  4. webizen

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    LSWS caching can use RAM disk as well. Just point cache storage path to the shared mem disk.
  5. mr_cygi

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    Ok, great - I will try it. Thx.

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