LSWS with CloudLinux PHP Selector

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I'm trying to setup LiteSpeed Web Server to use CloudLinux PHP selector and PHP alt. I'm following this guide( but it states 'the LiteSpeed auto-installer script will add the proper external apps for both EA4 MultiPHP and CloudLinux PHP Selector automatically'

But the external app 'cl_phpselector' doesn't exist in my external apps, neither does the php and php5 in script handlers. Am I doing something wrong?



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Did you use cpanel ea4 + CloudLinux before and recently run LiteSpeed auto-installer script to install LSWS ( autoinstaller means this one ? What version of LSWS did you install? For LiteSpeed 5.3.x, external apps and script handlers will be automatically configured by the server and you may not need any external apps or script handlers unless you want to define yourself.
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Without adding external apps and script handlers, normally it should be fine. for example, you can choose PHP version from cpanel multiPHP manager, either ea-phpxx or alt-phpxx, LSWS should automatically configure to use the right handler.

Do you have any case/domain not running as expected?
Without adding the external app and script handlers it appears to be working fine, I've checked the headers of the websites and LiteSpeed does appear to be using the correct PHP version still.

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