Magento 2.2.2 Product Qty not updating on Front End


We are facing an issue that whenever a product qty changes owing to a purchase, the front end does not show the accurate quantity.
In the backend it is correct.

So far this has been experienced with witnessing a product quantity which is 1, that should become 0 and vice versa.

It gets temporarily solved when refreshing all of the cache types but not automatically as it should do.

Please advise.
We have been able to verify this only occurs when products are near to the 0 or 1 qty.
Anything more than this the items accurately update on the front end.


Staff member
Hi Tucker,

It it special that issue only happens on product number near to 0 or 1. Could you help to verify if Magento 2 build-in full page cache has same issue or not?

If issue only happens on LiteMage 2, feel free to submit a ticket to LiteSpeed with this post link