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    [​IMG] Subiz Plugins for Magento
    Subiz live chat is cloud-based service that help you chat and interact with visitors on your website quickly and effectively. Subiz can help you improve the quality of support, keep track real-time visitors and increase online sales significantly.

    So how to install Subiz for your website?

    - Step 1: Download Plug-in


    - Step 2: Go to Admin Control Panel >> System >> Magento connect > Magento Connect manager

    - Step 3: Upload Plug-in Subiz Live Chat

    After finishing upload. You can see it displayed in the list like the image below:


    - Step 4: Return to admin page >> Go to menu Subiz Live Chat >> Click Config

    - Step 5: Insert your Subiz's license ID.

    SUBIZ Live Chat is integrated successfully on your website.
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    Hi guys, Here I also like to introduce another excellent live chat plugin for Magento eCommerce store known as eAssistance Pro.

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