Migrate problem from Apache to Litespeed - 403 error

I took full backups of my websites from hostgator. They use apache. New hosting company uses litespeed. This is my 3rd hosting company in a nearer location and they cannot find a solution. All websites that I migrate by using cpanel backup have same 403 error and they could not find a solution. Your help is appreciated and I will pass solution to them to be applied. Kind regards,
Hi, many thanks for your reply too. I was advised to go to WHM panel and do
"WHM / Home » Service Configuration » Configure PHP and suEXEC

PHP 5 Handler : cgi
Apache suEXEC : On"
I also wrote this advice to them. No need to do the above if they update?


are all files 403 error ? or only part of pages has problem ?

ok, if you find the reason in the end, please share it here. Thanks,
Hi !
My web host has recently been bought by another company, and now that they have transferred all my sites to their own server hardware (LiteSpeed rather than Apache), I keep finding little glitches which need to be sorted out :-(.
Today’s problem is that when I try to add a new filter to the Actions and Filters box on one of my sites, the server won’t permit it to be added – it throws a 403 (forbidden) error. (Existing filters on my other sites still work okay on the new server – but at this stage I’m not game to try changing/adding to them.)