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    I have just setup CloudLinux/LVE along with Litespeed, PHP 5.3.19, eAccelerator, memcache, and LS Cache.
    Have a few questions in preparation for growth and in interest of optimization.

    1) How do I know when/if I need to upgrade to a 3-4 core license?

    2) Is there any issue having all of these caching setups at the same time?
    -- Also, any suggested tuning to make them play nicest?

    3) Tuning settings - Ive changed/checked these many times and overall they had minimal effect on test load times for a small wordpress site, or for my main application which will be small web pages and light PHP.

    I currently have:
    Keep-Alive timeout - 5 seconds
    Send/receive buffer untouched as pages will mostly be small ones
    IO Event Dispatcher - epoll
    Max Cached small file size - 4096b
    Total Small Cache Size - 128M
    Max MMAP File Size - 256K
    Total MMAP cache size - 128M
    Use sendfile - Yes
    Use AIO - Yes (Also tried keep mapped - any preference?)
    AIO Block Size - 1M
    No inode in etag - Not set

    Max URL Length: 2000
    Max Request Header Size - 4096
    Max Request Body Size - 500M/default
    Max Dynamic Response Header Size - 4096
    Max Dynamic Response Body Size - 500M

    GZIP is yes/Yes,
    Dynamic content- level 4
    Static content - level 6Max Static file size - 512K

    Cache settings:
    Max Object Size - 128K
    Cache enabled Yes
    With Query string - Yes
    Private cache Yes
    Everything else no

    I post my specific settings as the server is to be optimized for small static or small php pages where speed is the primary concern. On an older dual quadcore xeon with 8gb ram, two 15K SAS drives. Would like to place around 500 users per server.

    So far my testing has shown that CPU shouldnt be an issue, but memory perhaps will. I just want to check with everyone here to ensure my tuning is in tip top shape and that Im not missing out on anything.

    Thank you everyone.
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    quick comment: "top -c" on command line, see if litespeed process is often on top lines(which consume most CPU)

    2.these cache can co-exist

    3.default setting should be ok, usually you needn't take time on these settings if no performance issue human found.

    however, cache setting is a bit tricky at present. you can check our wiki( cache section for more detail.

    also, lsws admin console->real time stats is a unique and valuable place to monitor the whole lsws server's performance.

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