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    I'm having a problem in my network.
    I have a network of 6 macs and 5 windows.
    When one accesses my site, others are slow to access. The time varies from machine to machine, from 10 to 80 seconds to access the same page.

    One, an iMac "A" is the only fast.
    When the iMac "A" can access my site, the Mac mini "B" then accesses the same page, it takes more than 80 seconds to open. If the Mac mini "C" takes almost 20 seconds. And another iMac "D" takes 10 seconds.

    When the iMac "A" stop accessing the site, after about 2 minutes, the Mac mini "B" and "C", iMac and "D" stand fast.

    Strange. The PCs windows of the same network are super fast, so the problem is only with my site, and with Macs on the same network.:confused:

    Only one Mac on the network no problem.

    On other sites no problem. Can simultaneously access all the macs that speed is the same for everyone.
    Also did tests with other sites using LiteSpeed, and it's ok too.

    Days ago, I made several changes to LiteSpeed, and managed to leave the site very fast, but now I'm having this problem.
    LiteSpeed changed much, and now I do not know what could be wrong.

    I researched a lot on the internet but found nothing like this my problem. Has anyone had the same problem?

    Sorry my bad English!
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