Need to exclude http requests

We have just recently enabled Litespeed cache on our server

We are using wordpress and a plugin called wishlist member on one of our sites and using a 1 click upgrade using their api. We are now getting an error "no auth lock to open" from the wishlist upgrade plugin. Essentially, it is a conflict with caching of any sort.

The solution is to exclude all urls that include /wlmapi/2.0/

I have Litespeed Cache Wordpress Plugin installed and there is an option Do No Cache Rules, however, there are no instructions on how to submit partial urls or regular expressions. I also have the Litespeed cache plugin installed in WHM and can access litespeed web server from there.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi @Free Range Camping

Do the URLs start with /wlmapi/2.0/? If so, that is all you need to enter.

The only problem this may encounter is if the match needs to be done against something in the middle, such as:

If your site is, and you need to set, it should work.

We will work on clarifying this further within the plugin.

Let us know if this does the job!


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If you don't mind, could you pm me the wishlist member plugin code? We could look into adding code that will do-not-cache those pages automatically, so the do not cache rules are made unnecessary.
I was wondering if the rules for not caching Wishlist Member are going to be added? Or do i still need to add them manually? At present I am using the below for Wishlist Member