New install - EA4 PHP 5.4 not installed!

Hi guys,

So I just installed the new 5.3 version on another server. Running cPanel EasyApache 5.6 -> 7.2 php versions. When I click on LiteSpeed plugin in WHM I get the
Some pre-built EasyApache PHP installations may be missing the timezoneDB extension. This will severely impact PHP performance. Resolve Now
If I click on "resolve now" it tries to add
EA4 PHP 5.4 not installed!
EA4 PHP 5.5 not installed!
From the web admin console I removed 5.4 and 5.5 under "External App" and "Script Handler" tabs. Restarted LiteSpeed and still the same thing shows...

Any idea on how to clear it?

Thank you in advance!


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no need to clear it. It is just a notice. ea-phpxx doesn't build timezoneDB extension to it and it may impact the performance. Our script is a patch to check all ea-php offerred version and install timezoneDB for the one installed. If some EA4 php version not installed, it is fine.
I just wasn't sure why it's checking PHP 5.4 and 5.5 since neither version is installed on the server.
Ok so it should be fine, just a notice at this point. Wish there was a way to remove the notice though to make it "clean" :).
Thank you @Pong.

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Hello @Aldin,

I will take a look into making the notice behave better in the future. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!