new litespeed version causing 404 errors

Hi, my magento website is on a shared server. Suddenly today the URLS (SEO friendly) in subcategories stopped resolving. Querying this with the hosting company, they told me that they had upgraded their litespeed version on the server to v5.3.6 which coincided with the errors. They have promptly rolled back to the previous litespeed version 5.2.2 which has fixed the issue. However, this is to give me some breathing space to get it properly resolved. Thir advice was to check my installation so it works with the newer version. Do you have any insight into what I should check first? Advice greatly appreciated. Thanks v much.


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Just in case others may be interested for the update, on this cpanel server, apache returns 404. Latest version of LSWS has some rewrite engine change to match apache behavior hence Latest version of LSWS will return the same as apache for 404.

Magento is an old version of 1.6 and may need to redexed to fix 404 error with Apache. Once 404 is fixed on apache, LSWS should just run well without any issue.