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Discussion in 'General' started by Chris Patti, Sep 5, 2007.

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    well i installed the 15 day litespeed trial on my server and i would like to purchase it but before i do i need these two questions answered

    first what monthly paid litespeed license would i need for this server

    AMD Athalon 3800+ Dual Core

    My next question is how would i upgrade from the trial version of litespeed that i already have installed to the enterprise purchased version

    i read the document on upgrading but it left me very confused and it wasn't very specific

    thanks ~chris
  2. mistwang

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    You can go with 2-CPU license or 1-CPU license, if your server serves large amount of static content or https traffic, you'd better go with 2-CPU license.

    The trial license is a 2-CPU license. Please check our store for pricing.

    After you purchase a license, you will get a email like this
    Dear **** *****,
    Thank you for purchasing LiteSpeed software: 
       LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise Edition (2 CPU-Core) Monthly Subscription: Expire Date (YYYY-MM-DD) = 2008-09-02.
    Your serial number is 
    This serial number allows you to install the software on 1 Server . 
    Please follow the below instructions to obtain a license key.
    1) Please save the above serial number, minus quotes, as a file named
       "" in the installation folder: same folder as
        The installation package can be downloaded from:
    2) Run ./
    3) Answer the license agreement and select the installation target.
    4) Then the installer will check whehter "" exists in the
       same directory. If there is, it will connect to LiteSpeed products
       registration server and get a license key file automatically. If
       the license key retrieved successfully, the installation will
    5) If the automatic process failed due to whatever reason, the
       Installer will leave a license key request file "lic_req.bin" in
       the same directory and exit. Please email the license request file
       as attachment to [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] with Subject "New
       License Request" for manual process.
    6) After a valid license key file named as "license.key" available in
       the installation directory, you can run Installer again to continue
    Then you just select "Upgrade", then hit "Enter" all the way to the end. Your current installation will stay the same.
  3. Chris Patti

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    figured it out
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