Newbee to Litespeed and have some issues

Hi. I've just installed the plugin om my multisite and got some issues.

1. I have a module, newsfeed that won't show my latest article. It's published on my site, but not in my newsfeed module. How do I fix?
2. Not shure if this is the LiteSpeed Cache plugin, but since the problem is new, maybe. When adding a new article, then choosing the correct articlecategory, trying to save - the category-field gets blank and an error message saying category is needed for saving. I can edit an already existing article, but not make a new one. This happend suddenly, after publishing a lof of new articles on my sites - we just got this error. Any clues?

Regards Trine


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Have you enabled LiteSpeed cache plugin for Joomla? when LiteSpeed cache plugin disabled, does the problem persist? Better log a ticket with us with tmp root ssh login and Joomla admin login so that we can take a further look.