Not consistent performance

Hi team,

so I think I got a good set up on liteSpeed for my dynamic, listing site Placówkowo.
When I use google speed insights it shows good performance for the user but the core vitals are REALLY bad, so bad that I no longer pass the core vitals both on mobile and desktop since I switched from wp-rocket.

The problem is that sometimes the lage loads blazing fast, but sometiems it just loads for ever. I tottaly confirm what happens here:
So the first test took over 6s, the second one was awesome and the third AGAIN was over 7s. There is no problem with the site, there is something with the server or my ser up. I use chemicloud. any advices on how to make it more consistant?


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To understand what the problem and its cause is, you first have to understand what the difference between loading time and display time is and which of these two times is relevant for the scoring. So my specific question for you. Do you know the difference?

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I mean, I need the first content pain be under 0.5s for mobile and the largest content pain under 1.5s for the first visit to pass the core vitals.

I do know the difference but the fact is that if I won't pass core vitals again my site will get a penalty in organic visibility. You can convince me as much as you want, but the score is what matters at this point. When I do a manual test or a test via webpagetest I get the same results, sometimes it loads bleazing fast and sometimes it takes ages to load showing white screen (the display time is around 5s!!!!!).

It seems that there is a html issue sometimes, asking for your help to advice what could be the couse.

I know what when the cache hits it loads fast but most of my visits are one time visits as the site has a purpuse to need it once and this is what counts. If the first visit will load 5s, no one will want to wait so long.

Also the problem does not occure only at the first visit.

This html load IS also the display time, you really need to wait 5s sometimes for the page to load at the first visit. This never happens when I use wp-rocket for example. I'm sure that the plug in is performing something that delays the load time.