"Notice: Undefined index: status in" failure

This error appears after installing the cache plugin! Plugin is working,

How can I solve this problem?

Thank you..

Opencart Version

"Notice: Undefined index: status in /home/.../....../../.../.../oc_page_builder.php on line 46

oc_page_builder.php on line 46
if ($setting_info && $setting_info['status']) {
$module_data = $this->load->controller('extension/module/' . $part[0], $setting_info);

if ($module_data) {
$module_in_col[] = $module_data;


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it seems a PHP developer question and you'd better ask on opencart forum. We only support our own product such as Lscache plugin for opencart. If it is not related to our product, it is out of our support scope