Notified images not pulled yet

Hello, I've installed the plugin on wordpress and love it but I am having some trouble. I've run the optimization and all of the images appear to have been optimized to use webp. The problem is that about half of the images load webp while the others load jpeg. When I go to the image optimization section of the settings it notifies me "Message from LiteSpeed image server: Notified images not pulled yet. Send request to redo notification". When I click the link it opens a new tab and then closes out. When I refresh the page it gives me the same notification. Not sure exactly what to do, thanks in advance for any advice :)
I'm not sure if they have been pulled, it states "Images requested: 25 groups (103 images)" but has stayed there for days and whenever I refresh the Optimization Summary it gives me the "notified images not pulled yet" issue. Looking at the files via ftp, some images have a webp version but I guess they have not been pulled? There are some other images that have been optimized but it appears that there are certain sizes that are missing a webp version, specifically 667x445.
I looked through the troubleshooting before I posted and didn't see anything that looked applicable, maybe I'm missing something. Thanks!