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Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by apachesux, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. apachesux

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    i have 3 servers, all 3 are mounting the same virtual host root directory from a 4th nfs server. 1 of them displays the page fine, the other 2 do not, even though they have an identical configuration.

    to make sure the configuration was truly identical after i started having this problem, i copied over the conf file from the first webserver to the other 2 webservers.

    when i wget -m on the 2 non-working servers, they download all the files in the virtual host root, but when i go to the servers in a browser it displays a blank page. when i view source, its just blank.

    the 1st server works perfectly fine in a browser and with wget. why wouldnt 2 other servers with the same config work in a browser, when i can download all the files out of the dir fine with wget? it doesnt work when i do or just on either of the 2 servers that arent working.

    i am totally stumped. any suggestions?
  2. apachesux

    apachesux New Member


    i've verified i can access individual files, such as images, etc, and if i move the index.html file to something else i get 'page cannot be found' on the 2 non-working servers.

    so the index.html file displays fine on 1 server but doesnt display on the other two servers, even though theyre successfully accessing it.

    to be absolutely sure the config was the same this time, i did rm -rf /opt/lsws on one of the non-working servers and did scp -r workingserver:/opt/lsws /opt/lsws so i copied the directory heirarchy from the working server completely from scratch.

    what could this possibly be?
  3. apachesux

    apachesux New Member


    i've confirmed this is some sort of using litespeed on nfs issue. when the files are moved to local disk, everything works fine....

    i've used apache docroot on nfs many times, with no issues. i've looked for shared lock files, differences in timestamps, etc...i'm basically out of ideas on how to continue troubleshooting this problem.
  4. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    Does the working server access files on nfs or on its local disk?

    For the not-working servers, you can turn on debug logging see if you can find any clue in the error.log.

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