Only images larger than 1 Mb are being compressed

Hi all!

WP only compresses uploaded images larger than 1 megabyte.
How do I tell it to compress every image on upload?

All content is user generated. They upload photos that are 2 – 4 Mb to posts and comments.
All of this gets compressed by LiteSpeed.

But, a lot of the images are screenshots, which can be hundreds of Kbs and pass uncompressed.
How do I change this?


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Can you show an URL example image URL not being compressed? LiteSpeed may use "br" compression instead of gzip and it may have been compressed already. If still not, you can check , Max Static File Size (bytes) ,Min Static File Size (bytes) settings.
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Thank you for answering.

I probably misunderstood the first sentence. I have attached an image of what chrome inspector sees.

Wordpress compresses and stores only compressed versions of images that are above 1MB.
900 KB images are both stored in the database and displayed on the page untouched.

Maybe it doesn't have anything to do with the LiteSpeed plugin.
I am now using a different compression plugin and the issue is still there.