Opcode Cache on Litespeed PHP suExec

Discussion in 'General' started by ishobr, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. ishobr

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    Is there a performance gain by using php opcode (APC) on Litespeed when PHP suEXEC is set to 'Yes'?

    If there is a performance gain, how to get optimal settings?

    In my case, PHP binary was build with LSAPI from Litespeed WHM plugin.
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  2. NiteWave

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    for php suExec, only eAccelerator is recommended.

    since one php suExec process's "lifetime" is short. the web server process(litespeed) dynamically start/stop a new php process according to the traffic. the in-memory opcode cache only associated with for particular php process which only run for short time.

    eAccelerator is different since it has on-disk cache as well. the on-disk can be shared between different php processes.

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