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Discussion in 'General' started by closet geek, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. closet geek

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    When a PHP process is hung waiting for a response from an external website the person that triggered the hung process is no longer able to load pages on the same subdomain they simply timeout. What setting would cause this behaviour I can't seem to track it down?

    e.g. the person goes to and triggers a PHP script that sits waiting for input from an external domain, the person then tries to load another PHP page on it always times out until the original PHP script finishes or is manually terminated.

  2. mistwang

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    It could be ture for suEXEC, each user only get a limited number of PHP processes, if all are busy or hung, no more PHP request can be processed for that user until a PHP process becomes available.

    PHP run out of web server process, web server does not have tight control on it. you need to find a way to have PHP terminate the request as quick as possible.
  3. kc8yds

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    if your script uses sessions put

    as early on in your script -- just after the last use of a $_SESSION variable
  4. closet geek

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    We don't use SuExec on this server. We're literally the only site on the server and no one visits the site yet so this can't be a problem with exhausted resources unless I've set a number very low somewhere but I can't find where. Any other ideas?

    We don't control the script.

  5. mistwang

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  6. closet geek

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    These are set to 0 which I understand disables them. Can you specifically setup the test case I've outlined to see if you reproduce the problem? It could well be a bug.

  7. anewday

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    Maybe it's better if you pm a temp root login for George.
  8. robfrew

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    More information about what your site is doing when accessing the external website would help a lot.

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