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this is my first post here so excuse me if I have posted it in the wrong section.
I have installed the plugin on my wordpress site. I have tried all sorts of settings based on different guides available on litespeed for wordpress but still the performance score is always under 12.
Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at 10.50.50.png
could someone please help me on how to achieve decent performance score?
I am reading about CSS/JS Deferred Excludes but could not find an indepth article that shows how to identify the ones that causing the issue to exclude and vice-a-versa.

any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi @web5

LSCWP do helps mobile score improvement, but I am not sure what settings you have tried and not works. Have you also tried webp image generate and replaced, this should helps your properly size images?

Possible to provide a report number from the cache plugin?