Php Lsapi module: problems with compilation

Discussion in 'PHP' started by glueJoe, Aug 13, 2006.

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    Now I am definitely your most angry customer!!! ;)

    Things go down as if I am experiencing pain, pain and ass with more pain. So it does, it happens. Funny isn't it?

    This time I have smth different:
    I try to unleash full power of Litespeed (now you proud) with installing php 5.1.4 (latest stable cvs from and using your wiki manual puts me into struggle with a very stupid problem. Everything goes as it goes and it is fine, but when seach php5install directory I cannot find where the hell is sapi with litespeed module. What a mess! Nevertheless, I compile php with litepspeed tag and everytime it outputs that litespeed is enabled (I assure you that I unzip your lsapi in proper place) and nothing happens. Moreover I have to make it with the help of admins who run my VPS server inspite Php drains memory which is restricted and cannot be done by me alone.

    So I am in a quite a place.

    Thanks. No Doubt this time I hope will be last time I get a punch instead of reward. Goodbye.
  2. xing

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    The wiki had a bug in section 6 that you have problem with. Corrected:

    cd /lswsinstall/fcgi-bin/
    mv lsphp lsphp.old
    cp /php-src/sapi/litespeed/php lsphp
    Where /php-src/ is the source directory of the php package you downloaded/unpacked and compiled php in.

    The wiki has been updated.

    Try it now. =)
  3. glueJoe

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    aWeSoMe. I help you - you help me. Thanks

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