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Discussion in 'News' started by Lauren, Nov 2, 2005.

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    Lauren LiteSpeed Staff Staff Member

    Most people may ignore license agreement and always click “Yes” to bypass this section when installing software.

    As a small software company, our license agreement is very simple and straightforward. I would like to emphasize on one issue listed in the first section “License to Use”:
    You can not use the SOFTWARE for a Warez site or a Porn site. This includes sexual content, or direct links to adult content elsewhere. This is also true for sites that promote any illegal activity.

    This applies to all editions of LSWS. Not long after our initial release of LSWS, we had noticed some pornography web sites used our product, and then we modified our license agreement as above.

    Internet pornography greatly deteriorates human moral values, which is a very serious problem. We believe it is harmful to people of all ages, not only those under 18. People are talking recently about having stricter laws to abandon smoking in public including side walks. While porn sites can make people addictive, mentally ill, is much worse and serious than smoking and second-hand smoking. You may say that this does not break the law, we believe human moral values is priceless, this is what we can do in our part. We certainly do not want to see our hard work help pumping up this kind of Internet traffic.

    We would also like to have a word to porn sites owners even though it may be a lucrative business to you and what you do is none of our business: with your technical skills, you can do a lot more and better contributions to our human society.

    Thanks for your attention,
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