Plesk Bugs Out When Adding New Sites

I switched to LiteSpeed as my main web server under PLESK ONYX / Ubuntu 18.04.

Everything is simply better.

Except that, when I try to add a new web site in Plesk, it bugs out.

Plesk complains it can't configure Apache... Specifically, it fails at the step where it has to restart it.

Of course! The web server now is LiteSpeed! Apache is not needed anymore. It's not even running.

Plesk still generates all the necessary Apache configuration files and then tries to restart the not-needed-anymore Apache and when it fails, it generates big red warning messages that it can't do so.

How do I overcome this behavior? Right now, when this happens, I manually switch back and forth between Apache and LiteSpeed, let Plesk generate its configuration files properly, then activate LiteSpeed again. However, I want to automate this process, or correct this behavior to begin with, because I am running a web hosting service and if Plesk can't add new web sites automatically without my help anymore, that's not very good.


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Can you log a ticket with us with tmp root ssh password and plesk admin login for us the verify/reproduce the issue?