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Discussion in 'General' started by innovot, Oct 17, 2013.

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    we have used LSWS in the past and reconsidering whether to use it again as we expand out. We do have a few questions which I hope can be answered.

    * We have two front facing web-servers, using Apache, that are load balanced via HAProxy; these web-servers sit on top on Linux vserver so how would we calculate licensing ?

    * How well supported is mod_security now ? We have an ASL signature subscription and would hope that it would continue to work.

    And we presume that mod_pagespeed would not work with LSWS ?

    Look forward to your response.
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    since you'll install lsws 2 twice, so need 2 lsws license.

    regarding mod_security, we focus on gotroot rules.
    refer this wiki:

    we're continuing to evaluate the not-yet-support rules reported from our users, one by one, and has adopted some of them. so overall, the support is getting better and better. in fact, many users are using using WHM + litespeed + mod_security currently.

    yes, no plan to support mod_pagespeed. months ago, I noticed the same team have started to provide mod_pagespeed service. this means, all other web servers include litespeed also can work with it together, not only apache.
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