Problems Saving Large Number of Attribute Option Labels in Magento

Discussion in 'General' started by mangfpt, May 27, 2018.

  1. mangfpt

    mangfpt New Member

    I have a problem with saving large number of attribute option labels for color attribute in my website, In my website there are about 20 brands and each brand has about 100 product and each product has about 50 color, color attribute is very heavy and large and configurable products add to cart is very slow, I want to split color attribute options to various attributes, split color attribute options based on brands is ok or based on attribute set? do you have any idea? also I will add a lot of configurable products later. I testes a configurable product with about 60 color with a seperated color attribute and add to cart action is very fast for this product.
    If the number of attributes increases, there will be no problem? How many attributes can I have?
  2. Lauren

    Lauren LiteSpeed Staff Staff Member

    This is question you can ask in Magento community. For product and category pages, it can be cached and warmed up by LiteMage, you won't get affected much. But for checkout process is not using LiteMage, so the limit it can handle will be based on your set up and hardware.

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