Problems with some extension Magento 1 and M2PRO - LiteMage Cache


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Problems with some extension Magento 1 and M2PRO etc ...
When I have activated Lite Mage Cache I have problems of visualization and synchronization
With some extensions.
and I also have to be refreshed all the time the explorer to see that the processes have been done. As for example orders, modification in M2PRO

I suppose there must be a way to avoid these problems in the Backend, but I do not know how to fix them
Can someone help me

Thanks You


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for orders, it should not be cached.
Please go to the bottom of LiteMage ocnfiguration page in backend, Make sure this setting:
"Disable Layout Override for Non-Cacheable Routes" is "Yes"
This will disable LiteMage’s layout class override for non-cacheable frontend pages at the expense of performance. Enable this setting if there are issues during the checkout process.