Proxy crashes backend mongrel when URL ends with ?

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by inspirix, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. inspirix

    inspirix Active Member

    I'm proxying lsws to a mongrel backend serving my rails app in my development environment.

    Ive noticed that a url such as /locations/6/edit? causes lsws and mongrel to go crazy. Mongrel ends up dying. lsws debug output of what its trying to do is here:

    Mongrel does this:

    #<RangeError: 0x1d4e8dc is recycled object>
    #<RangeError: 0x1d4c640 is recycled object>
    #<RangeError: 0x1d4dcca is recycled object>
    #<RangeError: 0x1d4e36e is recycled object>
    #<RangeError: 0x1d4c064 is recycled object>
    .... a bunch more times ....
    #<RangeError: 0x1d4d310 is recycled object>
    Illegal instruction

    It looks to me like its trying to connect to mongrel an amazing amount of times and keeps getting rejected.

    If I hit mongrel with the same url with the ? at the end it works. So im not sure if there is some translation process occurring that is modifying something?

    Unfortunately, I have no idea if this is a lsws proxy issue or a mongrel issue, so sorry in advance.

  2. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    Can try capturing the data going back and forth between LSWS and mongrel with tcpdump?
    something like "tcpdump -i lo -s 0 -X"

    Looks like mongrel does not like the request forwarded by LSWS, you can verify the request it with tcpdump output.
  3. inspirix

    inspirix Active Member

    Hopefully this is what you were after:

    Ive only included the last 20000 lines, because I *think* they are somewhat repetitive.

  4. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    The request looks all right, mongrel does not like it, and close connection upon receiving it.
    	0x0030:  73ac aab4 4745 5420 2f61 6363 6f75 6e74  s...GET./account
    	0x0040:  2f6c 6f63 6174 696f 6e73 2f36 2f65 6469  /locations/6/edi
    	0x0050:  743f 0048 5454 502f 312e 310d 0a48 6f73  t?.HTTP/1.1..Hos
    	0x0060:  743a 206c 6f63 616c 732e 6465 760d 0a55
    	0x0070:  7365 722d 4167 656e 743a 204d 6f7a 696c  ser-Agent:.Mozil
    	0x0080:  6c61 2f35 2e30 2028 4d61 6369 6e74 6f73  la/5.0.(Macintos
    	0x0090:  683b 2055 3b20 496e 7465 6c20 4d61 6320  h;.U;.Intel.Mac.
    	0x00a0:  4f53 2058 3b20 656e 2d55 533b 2072 763a  OS.X;.en-US;.rv:
    	0x00b0:  312e 382e 312e 3629 2047 6563 6b6f 2f32
    	0x00c0:  3030 3730 3732 3520 4669 7265 666f 782f  0070725.Firefox/
    	0x00d0:  322e 302e 302e 360d 0a41 6363 6570 743a
    	0x00e0:  2074 6578 742f 786d 6c2c 6170 706c 6963  .text/xml,applic
    	0x00f0:  6174 696f 6e2f 786d 6c2c 6170 706c 6963  ation/xml,applic
    	0x0100:  6174 696f 6e2f 7868 746d 6c2b 786d 6c2c  ation/xhtml+xml,
    	0x0110:  7465 7874 2f68 746d 6c3b 713d 302e 392c  text/html;q=0.9,
    	0x0120:  7465 7874 2f70 6c61 696e 3b71 3d30 2e38  text/plain;q=0.8
    	0x0130:  2c69 6d61 6765 2f70 6e67 2c2a 2f2a 3b71  ,image/png,*/*;q
    	0x0140:  3d30 2e35 0d0a 4163 6365 7074 2d4c 616e  =0.5..Accept-Lan
    	0x0150:  6775 6167 653a 2065 6e2d 7573 2c65 6e3b  guage:.en-us,en;
    	0x0160:  713d 302e 350d 0a41 6363 6570 742d 456e  q=0.5..Accept-En
    	0x0170:  636f 6469 6e67 3a20 677a 6970 2020 2020  coding:.gzip....
    	0x0180:  2020 2020 0d0a 4163 6365 7074 2d43 6861  ......Accept-Cha
    	0x0190:  7273 6574 3a20 4953 4f2d 3838 3539 2d31  rset:.ISO-8859-1
    	0x01a0:  2c75 7466 2d38 3b71 3d30 2e37 2c2a 3b71  ,utf-8;q=0.7,*;q
    	0x01b0:  3d30 2e37 0d0a 4b65 6570 2d41 6c69 7665  =0.7..Keep-Alive
    	0x01c0:  3a20 3330 300d 0a43 6f6e 6e65 6374 696f  :.300..Connectio
    	0x01d0:  6e3a 206b 6565 702d 616c 6976 650d 0a43  n:.keep-alive..C
    	0x01e0:  6f6f 6b69 653a 205f 7365 7373 696f 6e5f  ookie:._session_
    	0x01f0:  6964 3d30 3261 3938 3066 3836 3663 3963  id=02a980f866c9c
    	0x0200:  3565 6265 3965 3834 3230 6537 6266 6636  5ebe9e8420e7bff6
    	0x0210:  3731 320d 0a58 2d46 6f72 7761 7264 6564  712..X-Forwarded
    	0x0220:  2d46 6f72 3a20 3132 372e 302e 302e 310d  -For:.
    	0x0230:  0a0d 0a 
  5. inspirix

    inspirix Active Member

    Small update, just FYI and in case anyone ever stumbles upon this problem. Its not a litespeed problem. Its not a mongrel problem. Its a ruby problem. Specifically, its a ruby 1.8.6 problem. recommends 1.8.5, however the guide they point to for installation does 1.8.6, and ive seen many OSX port install guides using 1.8.6 (which is what I had done).

    So in short, use 1.8.5 :)


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