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Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by Cyber-DL, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Cyber-DL

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    Hi everyone , specially dear admins !

    i saw a note in LiteSpeed tools :

    Transparent Reverse Proxy (interface to any web server, application server support HTTP
    from here :
    is this possible ? it's a Proxy Shield to prevent server from ddos attacks or other?

    it yes , how can i do that ?
  2. Cyber-DL

    Cyber-DL Active Member

    anybody can't help me ?!
  3. auser

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    yes, follow the document will do:

    step 1:define a "Web Server" External App:
    "External Application:
    Web Server is a server application that supports HTTP 1.0/1.1 protocols. LiteSpeed web server can serve as a transparent reverse proxy to accelerate and protect any web server and application server. "

    step 2:define Proxy Context
    add Context, select type "Proxy", select the web server defined in step 1.
    "Proxy Context
    Description: Proxy context enables this virtual host as a transparent reverse proxy server. Proxy server could be running in front of any web servers or application servers that supports the HTTP protocol. External web server has to be predefined in External Application."
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  4. Cyber-DL

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    i know from where i can add extenral apps ,but what is the value i must set for WEBSERVER , and i can't find STep 2 , please write easily , it's better tell me paths and sections !
  5. auser

    auser Super Moderator

    web server setting example:
    Name: abcd_server
    Max Connections:100
    Connection Keepalive Timeout:60
    Initial Request Timeout (secs):10
    Retry Timeout (secs):3
    Response Buffering:No

    Other fields can be empty.

    for step 2, I'm managing a dedicated server, so I defined several virtual hosts.
    I know in WHM/cPanel env, virtual host list can be empty and everything can be read from http.conf. not sure how to do in WHM/cPanel env, so below only refer dedicated server case.

    Configuration->Virtual Hosts, my defined 3 virtual hosts list there under "Virtual Host List". Click 1 of them, then you can see "Context" button. Click the "Context"-->Add, select Type "Proxy",specify URI, Web Server. Example setting:
    Web Server:abcd_server

    This means all visits to, LSWS receives the requests, then pass to server abcd_server to handle the requests, abcd_server return the response result to LSWS, finally LSWS return the result to user browser.

    For URIs other than /images/, LSWS may directly process them, or pass to another web server(like abcd_server) to handle it. Users can only see, abcd_server etc backend severs are transparent to them.
  6. Cyber-DL

    Cyber-DL Active Member

    Nice Job !

    i got everything ! , but i wana do this for whole of my server ! i need it only for DDOS protection , how can i config it to every connection , like site opening , ddos attacks and .... redirect to a Proxy and anyone can't determine my main ip address ?!
    i wana a thing like VPN for linux vps ,
    best regards ,

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