Random CSS error on random page

I am facing an random CSS error on some of my website pages. As of now we are developing our website so we have disabled all feature button from litespeed so that catch can not interfere in development process an also have put cloud flare CDN in development mode.
So let say after disabling every thing CDNand litespeed now my website and all page are working correct as expected.

But after few days suddenly random page will have error in loading CSS file for that page as shown in screen shot. CSS1.PNG

After inspecting that page in chrome I got that browser is trying to load CSS files from litespeed catch but litespeed is disabled at the movement so it will not give any file so there is no CSS file on the page. See screenshot


So now I don't know why this issue is accruing but have find trick to fix it suddenly
Issue went when I male litespeed back ON and then back to disable mode like toggling it ON and OFF fix everything but still not able to get it why this is happening.

Even issue persist in different browser as well as different device where no prior catch is stored.
Thank you.