Redis support


I have installed Redis in a server and I want to test it with Wordpress. I have seen that I should modify some files in Wordpress or install a plugin named "Redis Object Cache":

I want to optimize the loads of the database by using the LS cache also. Does support LiteSpeed Cache for Wordpress this extra plugin cache?
Does the LSWP support "Object Cache" Redis without an extra plugin? (W3TC support this)



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It is my understanding that LSCache (which is a page cache) and any object cache should not have a reason to conflict with each other.
Object caches kick in during the stage where WordPress is generating the page, and LSCache kicks in after the page has been generated. (More about that here, if you're interested).
If there's anything I've failed to consider about your question, I'm sure one of my colleagues will jump in and correct me :)
Hope this helps!