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    I have 3 webservers and I want them to log their accesslog to a dedicated log-server which will do the processing for the statistics.

    Now, my current setup is to have the 3 webservers log locally and each night the log is rotated and uploaded to the dedicated server.

    My question is, is there a way to have the 3 webservers log in realtime to the dedicated server? Without using NFS? (syslog-ng or something maybe? any experiences?)

  2. xing

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  3. akke

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    Hmmmm. But which program should I be using to have it piped to another server then? Is there anything publicly available that can do this reliably?
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    You can search for "remote logging" solution for apache, LSWS can do exactly the same. Seems using syslogd is the simpliest solution.

    For using piped Logger, you can write a Perl script to forward content received from STDIN to remote server via TCP socket. On remote server, a deamon process which can receive data and log into a file. We don't have any experiences with that kind of setup.

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