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Discussion in 'Feedback/Feature Requests' started by raphidae, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. raphidae

    raphidae Well-Known Member

    Currently Litespeed is the only application on my servers that does not install through ports or via a FreeBSD native package.

    The way it installs now does not conform to BSD hier (see 'man hier'), which most FreeBSD admins (me included) are really anal about.

    Also compiling for some more recent versions would also be nice. Versions 4 and 5 are ancient, and 6 is not even the legacy release anymore.

    I don't think it will hurt your business to take some more interrest in the BSD's :)
  2. jrmarino

    jrmarino Well-Known Member

    I absolutely agree. With FreeBSD 8 for a few months already, Litespeed should be updated. Is it really that difficult? What's the real issue here?
  3. Grzegorz Derebecki

    Grzegorz Derebecki Well-Known Member

    i also think that is time to say goodbye to FreeBSD 4/5 (x86)

    version 6 works on fbsd 7/8 just need some tweek with libmap.conf

    root@core2:~# cat /etc/libmap.conf

    but i agree with you at all :)

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