Request: List of (Un)Supported Apache Directives

Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by aavmurphy, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. aavmurphy

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    It would be really great to have an official list of which Apache directives are supported, and any differences
    and changes per version.

    (Our webhosts use Litespeed - the changeover was a nightmare as we made big use of FallbackResource, we now have lots of ModRewrite directives. We only have access to '.htaccess', not the main server configuration. Having this list- with suggested workarounds - would have saved us hours of time. So far, I found Litespeed to be really let down by poor documentation)

    e.g. not supported


    SSI Files
    <!--#if expr="-e file"-->
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  2. Michael

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    We agree completely. Our documentation needs to be improved. Our main concern has always been streamlined, well-performing software, and sometimes that has been pursued at the expense of documentation. The documentation is being improved now, but at a slower pace than I think anyone would like. This is a concern that we are trying to address and we have recently hired (and are looking to hire more) new people specifically to handle documentation needs.

    A complete list of unsupported Apache directives is difficult because of the sheer number of directives, but that shouldn't prevent us from compiling a partial list. This is something we intend to do.

    As for the specific directives you've mentioned in this and other posts, the developers will be looking at them. They will evaluate the feasibility of supporting them and we'll get back to you. We may not be able to support everything you ask for, but please don't hesitate to ask for a feature when you want it. You may be surprised how often you get what you're looking for. Often it's just a matter of asking.


  3. aavmurphy

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    Thanks for the quick response. Nice to know you're listening.
  4. Michael

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    You're very welcome. We are most certainly listening. Even if we can't provide everything everyone needs/wants, we really value feedback.


  5. aavmurphy

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    A few more unsupported directives:

    SetEnv -used to set a env var passed to CGI scripts

    ExpiresByType - e.g. set application/pdf to be cached for 1 hour

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