[Resolved] How to Install and Compile PHP with MailParse?

Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by J.T., Apr 28, 2010.

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    I've got everything compiled now but for MailParse. I need MailParse for Cerberus. The server runs CentOS 5.x

    Their wiki suggests this method:


    Is this the right approach on getting Litespeed Web Server to run with php and MailParse? I can add a no-dependencies flag I guess, and then move any resulting .so files into the lsws folders and reference it as an extension in php.ini

    Is that how to get MailParse working with php in LSWS?
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  3. J.T.

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    Thanks, appreciate the suggestion.

    PHP 5.2.13 has already been compiled. Do I simply follow those instructions to modify what I previously compiled or do I have to recompile after that?

    Also, it talks about 'the source folder' and references paths like /php5install/ that don't exist on my system. Can you elaborate on these please?

    Do I simply extract the source in say /tmp/mailparse or do I start off in a subfolder of /opt/lsws/ where the rest of lsws is?

    I'm probably being a scared pussy but compiling has never been on my confident-with list.


    I think I get it now.

    The wiki says:

    On my system it'll probably be:

    And I guess with 'source folder' I can just put the mailparse source in /usr/local/src/mailparse - right?
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