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Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by shikha, May 21, 2006.

  1. shikha

    shikha New Member


    I am using cpanel with litespeed. I have enabled rewrite at server level and vhost level.

    The logs show that it reads my .htacess file fine but then I do not get redirected to the page i need to .

    Actually it should work as I create a folder from a blog and then it should work as

    http://folder.domain name --- should show http://domainname/folder

    As of now it goes juts to

    http://folder.domain name -- http://domainname

    Rewrite log is as below

    2006-05-20 23:05:59.753 [INFO] [] [REWRITE] Cond: Match '' with pattern '^www\.ipselon\.biz?$', result: -1
    2006-05-20 23:05:59.753 [INFO] [] [REWRITE] Cond: Match '' with pattern '^([^.]+)\.ipselon\.biz?$', result: 2
    2006-05-20 23:05:59.753 [INFO] [] [REWRITE] Source URI: '' => Result URI: '/index.php'
    2006-05-20 23:05:59.753 [INFO] [] [REWRITE] Last Rule, stop!
  2. ts77

    ts77 New Member

    what about posting your rewrite rule too?
  3. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff


    The log shows that the rewrite has been successfully executed. It might be a bug in your rewrite rule.
    Without knowing your exact rewrite rule, I can only give a wild guess here, "%n" instead of "$n" should be used for back references in rewrite conditions. Maybe you did not use "%1" to back reference the matched sub-string "hawaii" in the rewrite destination string?
  4. shikha

    shikha New Member


    Thanx I managed to sort it out

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