Roll back to 4.2.13 with WHM Plugin

Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by webmastergreg, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. webmastergreg

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    I would like to roll back to the version 4.2.13 because of the gzip bug of the 4.2.14

    I'm actually with the version 4.2.12 activated and 4.2.14 switch to off in the WHM plugin.

    And like so in the WebAdmin of LSWS:

    Latest Release
    Release Action
    4.2.14 Force Reinstall

    Installed Versions
    Version Actions
    4.2.14 SwitchTo Remove Force Reinstall
    4.2.12 Active Force Reinstall

    So despite of this state is it safe for me to do:
    /usr/local/lsws/admin/misc/ -f -v 4.2.13
    And after this install, will the v4.2.13 will appear in the WHM plugin with a button "Switch To" or something else?

  2. Michael

    Michael Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Howdy Greg,

    Yes and yes. As you've assumed, you don't see 4.2.13 because it's not the latest version and you haven't installed it previously.


  3. webmastergreg

    webmastergreg Member

    thanks Michael
  4. Michael

    Michael Well-Known Member Staff Member

    You're welcome.

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