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    I installed a trial of this on my server.

    The trial ran out today. Considering it was before 9am what I didnt expect was when the trial ran out was that it would take down the entire httpd service with no way to restart it.

    Uninstalling your product didnt work and resulted in my website being offline with the ONLY solution being to install the free edition to then be able to switch back to apache.

    Is this a flaw in your system or has this has been done deliberately to make people panic into purchasing a license.

    I would also like to note that now I have apache back up and running. Litespeed is also running on another port which had to be manually stopped before I could uninstall.

    As I have litespeed on another server with a bug in the php build admin plugin which has gone unanswered needless to say I am more than unhappy with this product.

    A trial is exactly that a trial. Nowhere does it say at the end of the trial the product will disable itself taking down your web server. Of course it should disable itself but in this way is incompetent.

    I will be disabling this on the 4 cpu rented license at once.
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    According to license agreement (, you could extend your trial to 30 days (by contacting us). Plus, you can easily remove the software if decide not to extend the trial by issue command '/usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot/cgi/lsws/' (which is covered in wiki

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    The first thing I did was run


    This did NOTHING to resolve the problem. Apache still would not start as it kept stating that the license for litespeed had expired even though litespeed was no longer able to start as it had been removed.

    The ONLY way to resolve the issue was to install the standard litespeed server at a different port then switch to apache and then run the uninstaller. So something is wrong with your uninstaller somewhere and something is definitely wrong with the way the trial expires. If you do not think so then I suggest the following.

    Amend your info regarding the trial to:

    If litespeed is not removed before the end of the trial it will disable your webserver. Switch back to apache is not done automatically. This may make it difficult to switch to apache resulting in your domains being offline as this will also disable access to WHM on a cpanel server.
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    Sorry, let me step back a bit:

    There is an 'uninstall' option in LSWS plugin to uninstall the software before run to remove the plugin. plugin and software itself are two different things. Remove plugin does not warrant software to be removed. Hence the problem you ran into.
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