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    Hi, I need some advice. I received 100.000 (100k) unique/hour, serving static files (text files) using PHP calling the txt file using ajax refreshed with 60 seconds intervals.

    Server load was quite stable 1.2-2.0, and iowait was quite good bellow 10% utilization. However litespeed seems to be very slow on it.

    Running Litespeed 3.3.18 enterprise (two CPU license), RHEL 5.2 32 bit with PEA Kernel to support 8GB RAM.

    On this server

    Dual Processor Quad Core Xeon 5430 - 2.66GHz
    8GB RAM
    RAID 1 15k RPM 147GB HDD (Just for web)

    Max Connections = 9000
    Max Keep-Alive Requests = 4500
    Connection Timeout (secs) = 50s

    lsphp5 setting

    Max Connections = 80
    Initial Request Timeout (secs) = 60s
    Memory Soft Limit (bytes) = 350
    Memory Hard Limit (bytes) = 400
    Process Soft Limit =200
    Process Hard Limit = 200

    MRTG Reported the bandwidth uses 50Mbps average and our public port is 100Mbps

    Please give me some pointer on improving this.
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