I have a smal magento 2 store on a t2.xlarge litespeed server. The problem i have when serverload is only 26,6% my site is slow as a snail. My hostingcompagny see nothing strange. Is any one who have an idea to fix this.
No i did not. Because hosting compagny doesnot now how it shout be instal. And my developer is not enthusiatic about the server a lot of small issues sins i use this server. So that is a smal problem. So i hope there is annother ( server ) solution to try.
Answere from hostingcompagny is that my developer shout do that it is magento relatet nog server ( hosting ) Is that correct?

Is it possible that high serverload comes because my memory use is alway over 40% and disk/ (/) is 54%. So when i get an traffic boost that cause the serveroverload
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Unfortunaly this instal of cache plugin is to expensive for use.
What i see when i work in the admin exemple ship an order and then click on Submit shipment severload grow alrady with 1.15 only by doing that. Is that normal?


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It's not normal. Could you share the site URL so we can check if the cache works correctly?
If you confirmed the load is different between with/without cache, then please submit the issue to with this forum link appended.
Thanks for your replay. So it look that whe go back to an optimized magento server. Litespeed aws is a little disaponted for me. Or maybe whe find some litespeed server tuning for magento to try out.


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Hi, the LiteMage plugin needs to be installed on the site, and the server needs to set up cache root. For shared server, the hosting member should help you to set up those if you or the developer can not make it works.
Hey you can migrate your site to a managed magento hosting on a litespeed server. There are many providers that are offering amazing services and most of them are offering free trial. You can try them according to your requirement and choose after it. A managed magento hosting can help you focus on your site while the updates, backups and security will be handeled by your hosting provider, along with litespeed, your site will enhance its speed and performance.